It’s a Girl Thing

Would you believe that there was a time in my life when I didn’t like girls?

I mean it. For the most part, I disliked females. The reason, I believe, was because I did not like myself. When you live as a nominal Christian in rebellion to God, there’s a good chance that your life will be clouded by immense shame. So without realizing it, my own shame darkened my view of all females.

Isn’t it beautiful how God redeems?

One of my best girl friends with Caroline.

As God began to redeem my own life, He also redeemed my view of women. First, he formed a precious baby girl in my womb, and Caroline has forever captured my heart. Then He surrounded me with the best girl friends I could ask for. Many of the girl friends He recently showered into my life also share my love for Jesus – but without an ounce of pretense or self-righteousness. I adore them.

God is getting ready to double the joy of my first baby girl by granting me with SISTERS. Two girls in my care. Even when my life was filled with shame, I knew about the blessing of a sister. To think that my girls will have the same gift that I had through my own sister Rebecca is thrilling.

My life increasingly centers around pink and hairbows by the day, and it is truly a charmed life. I cannot believe I once wished anything upon myself BUT a house filled with high pitched giggles and rooms overflowed by baby dolls. Bring it on!

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