He Holds the World in His Newborn Fist

A picture of Earth taken by Voyager 1 from 4 billion miles away.
Notice anything?
How about that Earth is so tiny in comparison to the known universethat it hardly shows up as more than a speck.
Lord, who are we that you love us?

I loved what Ann Voskamp wrote this morning to highlight HUGENESS of GOD in comparison to the tiny baby He chose to become through Jesus.  After a long blog post including scientific facts pointing towards the unimaginable magnitude of outer space and stars, I was left once again realizing what a grain of sand our Earth is in comparison to all of creation.  To think that God is big enough to have created ALL that IS, and yet became an infant on this speck-of-dust-planet for our salvation — it is incomprehensible.  Here is a piece of Ann’s writing:
Incomprehensible One who cradles unfathomable galaxies in the palm of His hand, whom highest heavens cannot contain, curls his newborn fist in a barn feed trough on orbiting earth and we’re saved from ourselves.

Beautiful. Sometimes I think that if everyone REALLY studied the Bible, they would see that it is far too majestic and mysterious of a story for any human mind to have crafted. God is such a sweet and loving artist.

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