1. Sweet words fitly spoken by a true "momma"…I'm constantly asking God to bring you comfort and knowing He will. Thank you for your ever evolving story of TRUE faith, TRUE mothering, and a precious understanding of God and His plan. XOXOX! julie

  2. I've been following the emails from my friend (MB) who is in UG now. I have just put together that "Baby A" in her pics must be Amelia. She is BEAUTIFUL!!! I was in love with her as soon as I saw her. I do not blame you for being so eager to get over there and hold that precious angel. Dan and I are continuing to pray for your family and trusting that the Lord will soon bring this work to completion! Merry Christmas to you sweet friend. PS — Dan goes back to UG tomorrow to appear in court for our hearing.

  3. Julie – I am so humbled that you pray for us! God truly has been granting me a peace that I didn't think a month ago would be possible. Thank you so much.

    Shelly – We are praying for your family! Praise God for the progress you've made so far! I hope they're home by Christmas!

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