Babe in the Straw Lyrics

And if we lose
sight of Your sweet face
at the birth of Grace,

Light of Truth,

shine like Bethlehem’s star
lead us to where You are
show us who You are.
Save us tonight.

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Merry Christmas
He Holds the World in His Newborn Fist


  1. Hey Rachel, wanted to tell you that Amelia had a lot of fun this Christmas! We had chicken (a rare treat here at LHBH- they were brought in special for Christmas, running around the yard for days beforehand). I walked into the room to see Amelia sitting on a chair with Auntie Sara with a big chicken bone in her fist! There wasn't much on it, just a little meat on the ends that she was sucking on- but she thought she hit the jackpot! She was also wearing a Christmas jingle bell that I think Melissa brought for the kids(?). She was sooo happy and the only thing that made her happier was when I went and got my camera to take pictures of her! That girl is a ham! 🙂 So my point is, I need your email address so I can send you a picture of her, her bell, and her chicken leg!! Also one of our babies together, although its blurry (go figure, I couldn't get two babies to stay still!)

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