Let Hope Rise

After a week of tears, it has been a week of renewed hope for getting our Amelia home.  Don’t get me wrong… victory still appears far off. But perhaps it is not.  This is spiritual warfare. God is moving. Please pray! So let hope rise, And darkness tremble In Your holy light, And every eye … [Read more…]

Last Shall Be First

So often, we wonder why terrible things happen to the innocent in this world.  Why do some go hungry while wicked men prosper in riches? Why do young children suffer at the hands of our apathy?  I loved the lyrics of the Brooke Fraser song “Flags.”  We cannot explain these tradgedies, but we find comfort in … [Read more…]

Nursery Inspiration

We haven’t gotten Amelia’s room beautified yet.  Getting her home in itself is expensive to say the least, so decorations fell to the bottom of the list.  Now that we’re starting to grasp the reality that there is still a wait ahead of us, we might as well spend our time with some paint and … [Read more…]

Where Two Or More Are Gathered…

Tonight, members of six different families gathered around me, Brad, and Caroline to pray for Amelia and our adoption process. Praise God for the sweet faithfulness of our friends! They truly renewed our spirits and strengthened our faith. When God is stirring the hearts of His children, we can be sure that He is moving. … [Read more…]