5am here, 2pm in Uganda: My heart begins to race as a realize that those working on our behalf in Uganda are perhaps making progress at that moment! I whisper a constant prayer through my morning routine.

11am here, 8pm in Uganda: My heart sinks. If our Ugandan contacts knew something, they would’ve contacted us by now. It is closer to their bedtime than to their work time. Another day with no news.

2pm here, 11pm in Uganda: I am trying to reawaken my hope and prepare to give my happiest self to Caroline and Brad. I think about my weekend… filled with friends and preparations to get our home ready for Amelia and Christmas visitors. Life is good here. We are blessed. I ache for Amelia, but we ARE blessed.

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Wishing for Amelia...


  1. Rachel, I can only imagine how difficult it is to be so very surrendered in this process and keep the faith and let it all reflect in a good attitude. I can't imagine. I'll keep praying. As much as we know God has it all worked out, every small detail, it doesn't make it easy when a part of your heart is thousands of miles away. Keep the faith!

  2. I so get this. My heart aches for you my friend. Praying for a miracle in the next couple of days and praying for your heart to find rest in the Lord.

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