You May Want to Smack Me, But…

It feels like Satan is nagging me from every angle — with fatigue, with stress, with a general lack of answers in our adoption process, and with a lot of specific relationships that are not going so well.  Cry me a river, right? I mean, our family is healthy, we got THREE amazing emails about Amelia today, our jobs are sound, we are facing no tragedies…  there are several billion people in the world who would have every right to tell me to quit my whining.

Maybe waiting tempts us to whine in the place where we should be thankful.  Isn’t that much of the story of the Israelites during their entire journey to the Promised Land?  The Israelites grew weary of the food that God miraculously provided from Heaven on a daily basis.  I read that story and think that the Israelites were ungrateful idiots.  Now I see that I am an ungrateful idiot, as well!

So if you have a second, pray for my eyes to be opened in gratitude.

And if you have one more second, pray for the meeting that is at our church tonight… the first official “adoption meeting” where families will put their heads together to see how we can get our church to support both the doctrine and the physical act of adoption.  I pray that God use me, an ungrateful idiot, to help facilitate a mighty movement among His people!

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  1. I know how you feel! I think this ridiculously long process brings out the ungrateful idiot in most of us! But praying for you, and that things speed up for you (and me)! Hope the meeting at your church went well. That's an awesome idea!

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