You May Want to Smack Me, But…

It feels like Satan is nagging me from every angle — with fatigue, with stress, with a general lack of answers in our adoption process, and with a lot of specific relationships that are not going so well.  Cry me a river, right? I mean, our family is healthy, we got THREE amazing emails about … [Read more…]

Holding It Together

I do not know what is wrong with us. I keep hearing stories of things falling apart. Husbands walking away from wives. Parents walking away from children. Families walking away from the church. You science buffs may have to help me on this… There is some scientific theory or law that explains how everything tends … [Read more…]

Be Still

I heard a verse the other day that stopped me in my tracks.  How many “fights” do we think we are fighting in our lives… fighting to control our adoptions, or our marriages, or our work situations, or our children.  Yes, we have a responsibility to ACT in the way that God would have us … [Read more…]