Ever had one of those weeks when you can’t seem to keep your head above water?

That’s me this week!  BUT I will press “pause” on my to-do list long enough to tell you that
  • we keep recieving wonderful updates on Amelia from the sweet Mama’s who are in Uganda with her while getting their own babies, and I have never been more thankful for the thoughtfulness of others;
  • I’m praying like mad for the two babies in Amelia’s orphanage who seem to emotionally REALLY need their forever families, yet their parents aren’t there yet;
  • if you’ve written me an email lately, I’ll probably write you back/call you on Saturday!
  • I haven’t visited my Google Reader all week and realized from withdrawals that I am truly addicted to blogs! And
  • I will get back to posting regularly very soon!

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  1. Yes, it seems like this past month, all I do is feel like I am trying to stay a float. Some day, life will calm down, right?!?! Praying this week is better for your friend and you have a chance to rest in Him. Thanks so much for the prayers…I know God is answering them:)

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