1. Rachel, what you have done here with this series is awesome! I know God will use these posts in a mighty way for a loooong time. You did a fantastic job, of covering all the angles in a concise way. I'll definately be sending others to your blog. Because of blog testimonies, I find myself open to Hiv+ children when it is our time to do a homestudy….I had an interesting experience in July at a baby home in Jinja Uganda. On one of our last days, we drove around visiting other orphan homes. One was an HIV+ home, that had taken in a boy that was rescued by Sonrise (where I was volunteering). We were checkin on his progress, Sonrise was heartbroken that they weren't equipped to care for him properly. Anyway, when I met Moses, he was placed in my arms. He is about 3 years old. He just nuzzled into my neck and clung to me like my own child. Blog post to come, but as the moments passed and I felt his little body melt to mine, tears just flowed down my face. Inside, I was saying, "Lord, what are you doing?" "Is this my child?" We were only there about 20 min. But I had to finally let go of him and hand him back to the director. Even my husband and others in our group recognized how Moses responded to me. We will see what the Lord has planned. Thank you for writing this series.

  2. Hi Rachel, I just found your blog tonight. My husband and I are adopting from Uganda too. We're just about done with our homestudy and praying about whether we could adopt a child with HIV. Our agency is talking with us about a 15 month old girl who is HIV+. Dad recently died. Mom is dying. My heart just breaks and says yes, even though it's maybe a little crazy. But God's love is a LOT crazy. I look forward to following your story and would appreciate prayer as we consider adopting this little girl, or another HIV+ little one. Blessings!

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