1. This was a great series. I loved your thoughts and it was interesting to read all the facts. I know of a book that is on this subject called "Red Letters" by Tom Davis. Have you read it?

  2. Hey Rachel- just caught up on your series last night! Thanks so much for sharing, I'm one of those who was curious but hadn't taken the time to do the research. Our agency AGCI just sent out a newsletter that they are starting an HIV+ adoption program. Also, are you guys aware of the Together for Adoption conference in Austin Tx next month? I noticed that there are several breakout sessions on the topic of HIV.

  3. Anonymous

    I am the mother of an adopted hiv+ child. He is an amazing blessing and the hiv+ is not an issue. I do not take it lightly….I would not miss a dose and I religiously go to get his bloodwork done and never miss a clinic appointment. I have 4 children the 3 who are not positive have no idea that their brother is any different. I could not imagine him not being in our lives because of a stigma but that was almost the case. My husband and I did a lot of research and spent many hours in prayer and talking before we changed our request to and hiv+ child (notice hiv is not capitalized-it will not rule our family and is not worthy of capital letters). My sweet baby is an blessing in every way! Thank you for this series…thank you from those of us who would like to shout it from the roof tops that our children are no different than any other child and can't because of the stigma.

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