1. Rachel!

    Oh my gosh, I got a Facebook message from your husband (who is good friends with Erik Willits, who is good friends with us…I'm sure you know the story by now!) And I totally remember you from Hoover. Wow, what a small small world! As cliche as that is…it's so true!

    I can not wait to read through your blog and keep up with your adoption…congratulations! You are already matched with a sweet girl, how wonderful…we are hoping to have a referral in the next month or so. We will be praying for you and your sweet Amelia.

    My husband Manley's parents live in Andalusia (that's where he's from…and Manley went to Auburn…I saw your daughters Auburn cheerleader uniform..did you guys go there?). His grandmother lives in Montgomery, so we are down in your part of the world every now and then.

    Okay, sorry for writing a novel, but it's great to connect with you and y'all will truly be in our prayers.


    Rebekka (Mann) Seale

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