Friday, August 20, 2010

Worth the Wait

I am a brat.

I saw baby wearing a "Worth the Wait" onesie yesterday, and I wanted to turn to her mother and say, "DUH she was worth the wait! She's a precious baby and you ONLY waited for 9 months!! How hard is that!?  We're looking at an AT LEAST 19 month wait if we're lucky."

Like I said, I'm a brat. I know it. That's why I didn't verbalize my thoughts. For all I know, this poor mother waited for 5 years before she even became pregnant, and I may know nothing of waiting in comparison to her.

But I do have to say... our 9 month wait for Caroline was a cinch. Adoption is hard, hard, hard. Beautiful. But did I mention, HARD!?


Lisa said...

BUT it could also have been a baby from adoption??? That was my initial thought upon seeing this onesie as I've only seen them on adopted kiddos. Maybe not, but you never know! :)

RACHEL said...

Anything is possible! :) I'm just being rude. Shame on me!

Mike Lyons said...

You may be a brat, but some day you can put Amelia in a shirt that says "i was worth the wait" and then someone else can be the brat. No worries.