Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Walking Together

As our adoption process stretches on, my heart grows for those families who are in this journey with us… families across the U.S. whose babies live in the same babies’ home as Amelia, who will use the same Ugandan attorney that we will use, and who will stay in the same facility we will stay in once we travel to Uganda.

No adoption is the same. Each country works so differently, and even agencies within the same country can take you through totally different steps and experiences. Sometimes, it can feel isolating. In February, who understood how devastating it felt to wonder whether adoption from Uganda would ever be possible again? Not many people knew that pain… not many people understood that, to us who were in love with babies we’ve never held, it truly felt like a threatened miscarriage.

I suppose that is why this group of parents is so special to me. Just to know that they’re out there, and that they understand our very unique situation. They feel the bizarre emotions that we’re feeling. And perhaps sweetest of all – their babies are playing with our baby.

I’ve spoken with many of these Mamas through email, and with a couple of them briefly on the phone. I am rooting for those who have held pictures of their sweet ones for half a year or more, long before we had to start missing Amelia by face. I look forward to meeting many of them in person… Sara and her family, who will probably travel with us… Michelle and Toria, who live in my home town… Melissa, who has family near us and often thoughtfully sends any trace of information she can find about our little ones. And for those families who are far behind us in the process? I whisper a prayer for God to hold them steady during the bumps ahead.

I am learning some beautiful things. In life, you need others. Above all, you need God. And I am so thankful that He has connected us with sweet friends to walk this road that He is taking us on.


Zach and Emily said...

Hi Rachel, I believe I have seen your little girl because I think that our children are coming from the same babie's home. I could be off on this. But I just feel like as I read your blog and as I look at pictures from where our baby is coming from, I feel like one of the babies in particular is yours. I was taken aback by this beautiful baby girl and her beautiful name. I am sure it is her. We have not been matched with our child yet but our social worker has talked about and gave us the wensite of the home our baby will come from. So of course I am gleaning as much information about the home as I can:). Hense when I saw your little girl. I may be way off but it is just one of the things I have a feeling about. I was origonally drawn to your blog because not only were you adopting from Uganda but you also had a young daughter. I felt as though we were crazy to start the process last winter with such a young daughter but I know God's timing is right. He gave me a sense of peace when I found your blog. Thanks.

Shauna said...

It is awesome to go on this journey with others. We had a couple that we were with in Africa twice and our friendship is a treasure for sure.

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