1. YES!! Get the moby!! I love mine. It is so nice because you can tie them up in so many different ways and it is just material…so they are soooo close to you:) You will love it!! I have a friend who sells them..check out her website, http://www.paxbaby.com. We also have a beco which we absolutely love. It is the carrier on the first page of the website..(that is me and o-boy on the beach:). Email me if you have any other questions about babywearing. Can you tell I am a fan!?!?!

  2. I've heard great things about the moby! I used a Lucky Baby sling with Cullen and loved it! I'm looking into the Beco carrier this time, it has been highly recommended! I think I'll have several options since I hear that we are supposed to "wear" them constantly! Can not wait!

  3. Love the Moby! I also use a ring sling and its great for bonding with your little one. If Shepard gets fussy I just put him in and he is all better in seconds. Cant WAIT TO SEE PICS of sweet Amelia!!

  4. I used the Ergo with Kendall and wouldn't trade it for the world! She will still ask to get in it sometimes. It was so simple, and really comfortable to wear. It goes up to 40 or 50 pounds. Plus my husband also felt very comfortable wearing it as well, so he was able to "wear" her for bonding too.

    Cannot wait to see pics of your little girl!

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