Brad and I have been exhausted lately. We were so thankful for a weekend to ourselves.

We’ve been learning lately to GIVE more. I’m not saying that we’re amazing givers… just that we’re growing. Growing brings growing pains.

The fact that we’re worn out by even slight attempts to be more obedient displays one fact: we are selfish beyond belief. We are fighting our nature, and often, our ugly nature wins. We SAY that we think Christ is better than any other gift. We SAY that it’s more blessed to give than it is to receive. We SAY that nothing – including silly comforts – compares to the glory of God. But our fists are so tightly clinched to our time, money, and resources that it takes every ounce of energy to pry even tiny bits of what we call “ours” away so we can toss them at the feet of Christ.

I love it that the Bible compares Christianity to a race. A long race, requiring much endurance. Brad and I are tired because we haven’t been training. The more we exercise our ability to give, the less exhausting it will be.

And as we learn to let go of our own feeble resources, we’ll find that we can instead be fueled with the strength of God.

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Sweet Caroline
Romans 9:8