1. I'm not sure anything is "typical" anymore with Ug adoptions. Before the issues with visas, travel used to occur about a month after referral. It doesn't work that way anymore, though. We received ours in February, and still do not have a travel date. But since things are smoothing out with the system now, maybe by the time you get your referral, there won't be such a gap between the match and traveling.

  2. I don't know, but I am praying that it is fast. After only 36 hours of seeing our child's face…I can tell this is definitely going to be the hard part! I just want to get on a plane and go get him…NOW! I don't think I was prepared to feel like this!! I am going to need Jesus like never before!!!

  3. sorry I cant help ya girl but regarding your post a few days back when you were sharing your heart…i think its great and keep sharing! I think your concern about wondering how people would think of your family if you adopted a special, old etc. child was a very normal concern that anyone would experience! :0)

  4. Back in September, when we started this process, we were told that we could fly out a week to a month after accepting a referral. I think things have changed quite a bit since then and unfortunately friends with referrals have been waiting a few months and still don't have court dates….praying things start speeding up because I know when I see our sweet one's face, I will want to board a plane as soon as possible!!

  5. You can be sure that every adoption will be different in Uganda. I found that it was frustrating when I started to compare our journey to the journey of others. I was most relaxed when I just focused on my new daughter and not the other family's journeys.

    Also, there have not been many adoptions in Uganda with agencies. Most adoptions have been independent up until now. Maybe once the agencies get more adoptions under their belt, there will be a more stable time frame.

    The courts in Uganda close often. The judges get tired in the mornings and go home. They get sick or hurt and are gone for weeks at a time. There are 1 million orphans in Uganda and only 3 judges who hear adoption/legal guardianship cases. I can't tell you how much your faith will be tested and how much you will have to trust that God's timing is perfect. Otherwise, you might go crazy with all of the delays! 🙂

    You are in the hard part… All of the good stuff is coming soon!

    Praying for God's amazing plan for your family.

    Love in Jesus,

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