Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Pity Party Stops Here

If you haven't noticed from my recent posts, the past week or more has been one big fat pity party for me. Boo hoo that I don't know what's going on with Ugandan adoptions. Boo hoo that we don't have a referral.  Boo hoo that even once we get a referral, we don't know if we'll even get to pursue the child because since February 3, we haven't seen anyone successfully get a visa after a legal guardianship decree was issued.  Boo hoo that I'm in LOVE with some baby, somewhere, and have no idea how to get to them!!

Well, here is my attempt at putting on some big girl pants and wiping away the tears. Life is good. If I still lived with my Mama, she'd let me cry for an afternoon, and then pretend to pull an old smile out of her pocket, stretch it across my face, and tuck it behind my ears until I was laughing. It's time to find an old smile and put it on.

And I don't need to pull my own self up by my boot-straps. I have a Savior who promises to do the hard work for me, if I'll just lean on Him.

I don't need to CONVINCE myself that we are blessed, and that we have reason to rejoice. I just need to stop staring at my wishes, pains, and problems. Instead, I should feast my eyes on the shadow of a God so beautiful, I can't even stand to look directly at HIM.

Life is good. And even when it's not, God is good.
(Thanks to all of you who have left me sweet email and comment responses while I have been so utterly down over the past many days!)