4 Years of Marriage!!

This picture was taken on our 3 year anniversary last year, on top of the Glenn Hotel in Atlanta. I thought it was a great trip, but Brad remembers it as my infamous night of worrying about Caroline.  Oops. Mama to the core.
Our 4 year anniversary is coming up on June 3.  I have to admit, my mind has been spent aching for a second child, and with taking care of the one we have… Brad and I really need some COUPLE time. And not the kind spent worrying about the kids who aren’t with you. 🙂 
Does anyone have any great ideas for a CHEAP (adoption budgeted!) night away near Montgomery, AL? We’re thinking about the kind of night away that lends itself to sweetness and romance! All ideas are welcomed!!!

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  1. i hope you can think of something! Our anniversary was low-key this year too since we are adopting but my hubby still made it special! hope you two can come up with something! Happy anniversary!

  2. Anonymous

    Brad and Rachel, You are such a fantastic couple, grandpa and I love you and pray for your family every night! Congratulations on your upcoming 4th wedding anniversary!! Wherever you go to celebrate, why not take along your wedding pictures and reminiscence, go to a dollar store, buy silly little gag gifts for each other, plan a picnic lunch by the lake and keep a journal on how you celebrated each anniversary, along with a picture or two. I started but never kept it up. Just a few ideas for you. Love you, Grandma Kaufman

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