1. Great place to be – perform for the audience of One!

    I had many of the wrong domestic opinions too and am current learn quite a bit. What a blessing that God may set us in a direction for one purpose and than move us in another. He is so awesome to serve and follow!

  2. I love your honesty! Our eyes were opened more to domestic too! In the between we were against and look at us now, we are about to get on the waiting list! I always hate those comments about adopted children looking like their parents…WHO CARES! its not about that… :0)

  3. Loved this post!! It is so hard to explain to people they just don't get it! I guess it is just like the gospel, your eyes have to be opened to see it!

  4. AMEN!! We were at Costco a few months ago and a lady walked up to us and said, "hmm..your son has blond hair, you have dark hair.." What would she think if we had our sweet African child with us!! You are so right–We are not concerned about anybody but ONE!

  5. Anonymous

    I loved this post! We also have 2 bios, one from China and are working to adopt from Uganda. I forget that adoption just isn't the first thought on everyones brain! My friend asked the other day about more kids and I told her my husband had made it so we wouldn't have any more biological children because God wants us to adopt, we love adoption, and many kids need a home. She looked at me like I had three heads. What? You CHOSE to adopt??? Truly honest reaction, no harm meant, but a great reminder that adoption is a strange concept to more people than I care to think about!

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