Saturday, April 17, 2010

News & News & News

I picked a heck of a week or two to totally fall away from blogging. I have a million valid reasons for that, but they aren't NEARLY as fun to talk about as OUR ADOPTION NEWS!!! A LOT of good has happened. 

First and foremost, UGANDAN ADOPTION IS BACK ON!! I have to admit that I am waiting to get fully excited until we hear that someone has successfully made it through the process.  Our agency, Lifeline, started an incredible movement among Congressmen that resulted in the US State Department making changes that will cause the US Embassy in Kampala to grant needed visas.  (shew, long sentence!)

Also this week, Brad and I recieved immigration clearance allowing us personally to bring a child home from Uganda. This HUGE step means that in the next few days we will be sending paperwork to the babies' home in Uganda and be on the waiting list to receive a referral SOON!  If you don't know, a referral means that we will hold a picture of our sweet baby in hand, and learn whatever information they have to tell us about our little sweet one.

I may be wrong, but I BELIEVE that a referral is likely to come within a month or two, and that it is possible to travel not long after recieving a referral. If you know me well, you know that it was always our prayer to travel in the summer so Caroline can stay with my schoolteacher mom.  I had nearly given up on that prayer, and now I am floored to see that it is still well within the realm of possibility.  Isn't God ALWAYS far sweeter and more powerful than we ever give Him credit for?

This news is all so good that I almost have trouble believing and wrapping my brain around it. On one hand, I always had faith that God would work things out -- I just didn't think it would be in EXACTLY the way that I hoped! I figured it'd be through some terribly difficult journey of faith, with many changes in country and circumstances.  And I knew that, in the end, I'd be thankful for what God brought us through. But I never considered that He might bring us through a picture-book fairy-tale!

Will you join me in a continued prayer for God to work out His loving plans for all of the children and families involved in the Ugandan adopton proceedings? We are floored by His grace. So floored, in fact, that it may take me a few days to comprehend how REAL this amazing situation is, stand up, and scream to the top of my lungs with joy!!!


Shonni said...

I just heard from another friend this morning that Uganda is a go! They are also so excited as this is where their hearts are!!! Praying for you all!

sara said...

YES! SO many good things!! Oh I am so glad you got your clearance (finally!! :). Such great news!!

Betsy and the Boys said...

Hooray!! Rejoicing with you!

Katie said...

I'm SO excited for you!!! I love it when I hear good news from you.

RACHEL said...

thank you!!! we are so excited!