Saturday, April 24, 2010

Game On!

Warning: This may be my most ridiculous adoption post ever. 

Uganda has had it's share of "on and off" lately regarding the adoption process.  Brad has been yelling "game on" every time we get good adoption news for the past couple of months, and I wasn't quite sure why.  After our last round of bad-news-turned-good, he finally told me about this clip from Wayne's World.  It cracked me up.  What a visual of the process!!  I hope that from here on out, we'll have a lot more "game on" and a lot less cars & Stacy.

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Kevin said...

Actually, your husband is brilliant. I made my hubby come and watch. We haven't adopted from uganda yet but have a daughter from China and THIS CLIP is TOTALLY adoption. Go, stop, Go, Stacy! HA! Hoping you hear good news soon. We are watching the Uganda situation waiting to start.