Thursday, April 22, 2010


Adoption is doing weird things to me.  Transracial adoption is apparently making me plain nuts. Let me explain.

As we leave our neighborhood every day, we pass a field of cows.  Caroline loves to yell, "thanks for the milk, cows!"  Sometimes she yells, "Look, baby cows!"

A couple of days ago, I saw a couple of those baby cows she loves so much. They were running. It was two of them, and they looked like a couple of children trying to catch up with their mom.  One was black, and the other was white. And I got sentimental. And I cried.

Do I think that my two children are going to look like this together? (haha, I don't think so!) Like I said, I am going nuts.


Jim and April said... cute ! Isn't it crazy the things that will make us cry as we go through this journey!

Thomas said...

It's sweet. I especially love that Caroline yells to them!

Melissa said...

So funny! You are not weird in thinking these thoughts!! I understand! I am so excited that this wait might be coming to a close!!

Anonymous said...

It's like your heart is going through the pregnancy hormones!!