Friday, January 15, 2010

God of Now

My husband has this great sermon that I'm hopefully not about to botch... He talks about how we look at our past and see where God worked in our lives.  And we look at our futures and know that God is going to do SOMETHING in us, somehow.  But do we believe in God TODAY?

This is so true in my life.  God has rained down so much grace on my past... from a surgery saving my life as a baby, to meeting amazing friends like Heather in 3rd grade, (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY, HEATHER!), to saving me from my sin so that I could grow in Him.

And I am basking in sweet joy of the future.  Brad told me that Caroline's preschool director just saved a spot for next year... one for Caroline, and one for "Caleb Goode."  How sweet! We don't even know if this will be a boy... but she had to have a name to save a spot.  What a precious & concrete reminder that our little one is on the way!  This is the most tangible sign we have had of his/her coming, and we're ecstatic.

See, I have faith in a God of the past & of the future. He has done great things, and He WILL do great things. But I forget that He is working now. Do you?

Do you believe that He can move through His Word, right now? Enough put down your laptop & pick up your Bible?

Do you believe He loves the hurting, right now? Enough for you to find favors you can do to show love to coworkers who don't love you? A fresh cup of coffee? A kind email?

Do you believe that His ways are best? Enough to avoid laziness & press on, even when it's hard?

How much in our lives would change if we believed in God's power RIGHT NOW?
Just a little thought to hopefully change your day. I know it changes mine!


Anonymous said...

preach it! just what i needed this morning!

Melissa said...

Your right we do not believe that God loves us, if we did, we would be completely changed! How neat that your child already has a place in preschool! How real is that!

Jim and April said...

amen girl! Thanks for this!