Friday, December 11, 2009

My Worst Adoption Conversation

I was recently at a party where our adoption came up.  The string of awful & inappropriate one-liners I got in response were uncomfortably funny enough for a sitcom.  It's amazing how much wrong can be said in two minutes. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. THEM: "Caroline's getting big! It's time to have another one, don't you think!"  ME: "I do! We're adopting from Uganda this summer!  THEM:  "Isn't that in Africa!?!"  (ok, I guess you had to see his weirded-out face to get this one.)
  2. SOMEONE ELSE:  "What? Isn't it expensive???"  ME: It can be, depending on what adoption route you take.  THEM:  "How much will it cost YOU?"  ME:  "umm... $XX??"   THEM:  "WHAT!? Why does it cost so much to buy a child?"
  3. ANOTHER:  "Don't you want more kids of your own?"     (They will all be my own, you nut!)
  4. ME: "Yes, we'll probably get pregnant again.  YET ANOTHER: "WHAT!?! You're crazy. I don't know why ANYONE would have more than 2 kids."
  5. SOMEONE TRYING TO BE GRACIOUS:  "Well it's a good thing. There are lots of those orphans out there I'm sure."   ME:  "There really are. I'd love for our church to have an orphan emphasis Sunday sometime, because I really think there are so many people here who could give such a great home to some of those children."      .............     crickets .......   Conversation officially dead.


That Fresh Feeling said...

Another blog post i can relate to...we have had some of the strangest comments as well even some from good friends. One person told us that well I bet they will be able to get into a good college and get scholarships because they are adopted...i had nothing to say in response to that one it just took me by surprise. I pray one day that they will understand.

Rebecca Rainer said...


Jim and April said...

at first it makes me frustrated and angry at these people but then it turns into sadness for them...oh how they are missing out on so much...i agree with what was said above, we just need to pray that all the people that give those crazy answers will someday understand! :0) When we were going through trying to conceive and with our four miscarriages, we got some awful/crazy responses too, most of the time they did not mean harm by it but they just didn't understand!