1. I LOVE this entry! It is amazing how if you talk about wanting more than 2 kids people do act like you are crazy and somehow neglecting your first born children. Children are a blessing from God and can there really be too many "blessings!?"

  2. I also LOVE this entry! Thanks for writing it….i too have seen this happening many times! I feel the same way as you that if God would entrust Jim and I with such a large family, I would feel so blessed! Kids need love most and to learn about our savior and family more than a wii or the newest game!

  3. As a mom of a "medium" size family (5 kids) I have to say having a big family is easier. That may sound strange but they play with eachother. My oldest loves, loves, loves cooking – so like this morning I sat and played on facebook while she made toast and eggs! 🙂 I love having a big family!

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